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Our Vision

To be the Independent Cyber Service Bureau that our clients trusts us to provide code insights and code improvements. 

Our Story

“Security must be holistic, anything less and it will only be a Sense of Security” 

Cyber Security is a mindset, a manner of thinking and a way of operating. Too many people get carried away with the latest and greatest application or hardware, substituting holistic security that comes from planning with a sense of security which comes from the purchase of systems.

After 15 years in the business of security, we have discovered that organizations over the world have similar oversight, they ignore the fine balance between process and people. You would be surprise just how much a minefield and a data centre have in common!

Our clients come to us, all about what they want to protect, from their databases to their inventories. We are aware that we are protecting the reputation of our clients above all else.


By helping our clients achieve consistent service through redundancies and security, we contribute to their success!

Experienced Leadership

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