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GovOps is a comprehensive set of tests and reviews that SecureArk uses to assess any agency's Cyber Security posture. The GovOps team has audited systems for Government Agencies globally, strenghtening confidentiality, integrity, availability and preventing fraud, intrusions, espionage.

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StrikeForce is a suite of elite services performed by a highly skilled global team of certified and licensed cybersecurity experts. The Global StrikeForce Security Assessments evaluate the technical controls associated with people, process and technology to provide visibility into current risk, threat and compliance profiles.

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System Security Acceptance Tests (SSAT)
Independent Audit of a system’s cyber security posture through Risk Assessment, SSAT Checklist Review, Security Configuration Review, Source Code Review, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, and Policy Process Compliance Review, ensuring that all risks are mitigated before system commissioning.

Source Code Review
Independent assessment of the application code to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Compliant with the most stringent security standards, such as OWASP and CWE. Covers all important languages.

Cyber Security Services
Cyber Security Services to augment the System Maintenance Team with support for ITSM, ITSO, Annual Security Review, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, Source Code Review, Incident Response, Log Review, Security Event Management (GITSIR, GAlert, GAdvisory). Patch Management, Malware Detection & Response.
Industry Certification
SecureArk partners with accredited bodies for independent advisory of ISO, BSI, PCI, SWIFT standards,  declaring that specified requirements pertaining to a product, person, process, or management system have been met. The Advisory team holds Licensed Certifications from BSI, ISACA, ISC2, EC-Council, OSCP, and CREST.  
Cyber Security Risk Assessment
An assessment that provides a snapshot of the cyber security risk the organisation faces by determining the levels of risk that they are exposed to and identifying “what could go wrong” events that are often a result of malicious actions that could lead to undesired
business consequences, with risk transfer to Cyber Insurance.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
Rapidly fix security vulnerabilities with remediation guidance. Get more coverage, faster results and more expertise with SecureArk’s suit of assessments and reviews for your Cloud, Network Infrastructure, Servers, Workstations, Applications and Source Code.
Cyber Triaging
Every organization needs a cyber first response that is more thorough than simply relying on a single antivirus scan, which misses new malware and doesn’t detect compromised user accounts. Cyber Triaging is an automated incident response that investigates the endpoint by pushing the collection tool over the network, collecting relevant data, and analyzing it for malware and suspicious activity.


SecureLabs is an IT Security Test Laboratory that provides Certification and Assurance services. SecureLabs will never be subjected to any conflicting goals, as we have no obligations towards product suppliers, system integrators, shareholders, interest groups or government agencies.

A collaboration with TÜV Informationstechnik (TÜViT), the
Certification Lab is an IT Security Evaluation Facility with competencies for evaluations according to Industry Standards like Common Criteria (approved by CSA Singapore), FIPS, FIDO Alliance, ISO 9001/14001/27001, IEC 62443. The Lab is also accredited to perform compliance assessment for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, USA/Großbritannien/Japan.

The Audit Lab provides a controlled environment prepared for testing many different elements relating to Information Technology (IT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT). The lab is managed by a team of Operation Technology (OT) experts who possess specialist IT security knowledge, so they can add real value to the test results.
The Assurance Lab provides the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner. The objective of software assurance is to ensure that the software-intensive systems we produce are efficient and secure.

Compliance Lab provides a test facility for organisations to measure the cyber security risks through a  series of Security Reviews, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, and Malware Analysis. 
The Lab seeks to engage early on and adopt risk mitigating processes whereby non-compliance is identified early on, fixes are discussed and planned, testing methodology is defined in advance to allow teams to plan accordingly and ensure that security compliance is in step with development plans.


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