1 May 2022

Notice: Transition of Professional Services Portfolio to Industrial Certification 

We would like to officially inform all Partners and Clients that SecureArk  will not be applying for the Penetration Testing Service License and cease to provide all forms of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services from 30 Sep 2022. This is to adhere to the CSA Licensing Framework.

SecureArk will transition to provide Industrial Certification services.

For more information, contact Andy Huang at huang@secure-ark.com

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Your Data is the elixir of your organization.


Data is the building block of your organization and gives you your competitive edge, your secret strategy, your pathway to success.


Protect your organization application, endpoints and data.


Improve Code Quality, Detect Security Vulnerabilities and Security Hotspots with our experienced source code reviewers.


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Unprecedented Insights. Impeccable Reliability.

Today, more organizations are using remote workers, outsourcing to freelancers and distributing work across more locations that are typically less secure.


While also moving from secured, in-house servers to running on the cloud without fully understanding the added exposure they could face that requires additional security precautions to mitigate risk.


This is happening across all industries, from entertainment companies to the agriculture space to national defense.


So really caring about how secure your source code is, is vital to the health of your organization, no matter what type of organization you run.


Especially when you weigh the potential risks and business impacts that security vulnerabilities can have on your company.


There are many reasons cybercriminals are searching for access to your source code. 

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