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Cybersecurity Bureau Services

Industry Certification Services

Your IT Security and Quality – independently checked

TÜV tested - this statement is always considered a seal of quality in Germany as well as in the world. And with good reason. What applies to cars, machines, plants or buildings, TÜViT also makes possible for hardware and software: certified, secure products and systems that your customers can rely on.

CISO Services

CISO services gives organizations access to certified and experiences Cybersecurity resources. SecureArk CISO services supports all levels of your Cybersecurity needs.

(1) IT Security Manager (Embrio Enteprises for MFA)

(2) Security Auditor (Newgens for SWIFT)

(3) Chief Security Architect (Iridium Global for Cyberus)

(4) Senior Security Consultant (for Bitcyber)

(5) CISO (for Infolab)

(6) Cybersecurity Practice Director (for Cybernatics)

(7) CISO (for CyberMarketHub)

(8) Security-by-Design Consultant (Yokogawa for MPA)

(9) Security-by-Design Consultant (ESRI for PUB)

(10) Security-by-Design Consultant (Fujitsu for LTA)

(11) Red Team (Focus Digitech for Cybernatics)

(12) CISO (for Comnet)

(13) CISO (Digiline for NBI Phillipines)

(14) CISO (Datatrail for Bureau of Immigration, Phillipines)


Code quality is important, as it impacts the overall software quality. And quality impacts how safe, secure, and reliable your codebase is.

Find and Fix Vulnerabilities in your Code with efficient & actionable code review.


Be it Load, Stress, Breakpoint, or Endurance testing, our code performance tests will give you insights into your application's efficiency. 

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